A modern indoor shooting range in Brno was opened in 2021 by CS Solutions Group. Since 2009, she has been engaged in the provision of complex security services, manages the e-shop CS Patriot with weapons and ammunition, tactical accessories and clothing, and previously operated the shooting range in Prostějov, which has been transferred to a new owner since 2021. The shooting range in Brno consists of two separate shooting ranges and a laser range.

Our shooting ranges

Range 25 metrů
Range 25 metrů
Range  50 metrů
Range 50 metrů
Laser range
Laser range
Airsoft range
Airsoft range

Upcoming events

Sobota, 09.03.2024 Pistole Basic
Neděle, 10.03.2024 Útočná puška Basic
Sobota, 23.03.2024 Pistole Basic
Neděle, 24.03.2024 Pistole Advanced
Sobota, 06.04.2024 Pistole Basic
Sobota, 20.04.2024 Pistole Basic
Neděle, 21.04.2024 Pistole Advanced
Sobota, 04.05.2024 Pistole Basic
Neděle, 05.05.2024 Útočná puška Basic
Sobota, 18.05.2024 Pistole Basic
Neděle, 19.05.2024 Čištění zbraní
Sobota, 01.06.2024 Pistole Basic
Neděle, 02.06.2024 Pistole Advanced
Sobota, 08.06.2024 Útočná puška Advanced
Neděle, 09.06.2024 Reálná obrana se střelnou zbraní za použití FX Simunition
Sobota, 22.06.2024 Combat Expert – puška, pistole
Neděle, 23.06.2024 Pistole Basic
15. - 31.07.2024 Defendia Range

Where to find us

The shooting range is located in the Pharma Park area (former Lachema)
It only takes 15 minutes to get to the town hall by public transport from the main station!
By car:
- Along Jandáskova Street – the first turn after the railway underpass, turn right into Karásek Street - Entrance to the Pharma Park area (building number 24 - see the area map)
- There are five parking spaces on the left side of the building, the other five are on the right side public transport: By train
- Connection Hlavní nádraží – Brno-Řečkovice (you will be here in 15 minutes)
- From the train station, turn right through the underpass and you are directly in the Pharma Park area
By tram
- tram no. 1, connection Hlavní nádraží – Řečkovice
- With a brisk walk, you can reach us in 20 minutes
- From the parking lot to the right – then through the passage and immediately behind it is the entrance on the left