We organize a number of shooting courses - from preparation for the practical part of the professional qualification test and the non-clean test (see services - firearms license), to basic and advanced shooting courses with pistols and rifles - or complete specifics, such as first aid courses, shooting courses for children from 10 years old, gun cleaning and a popular shooting course using FX Simunition training weapons. We can also tailor all courses for you, for a group, or combine them in various ways.

For companies, we also do courses focused on defense against an active shooter.

Basic courses, providing first aid, shooting for children - all this can be completed without holding a ZP! You can also borrow all weapons from us.

Pistol Basic
A basic pistol course, not only for beginners - new holders of a firearms license, new owners of a new short firearm, but for everyone who wants to revive the basic handling of a pistol or revolver. 2000 Kč
Pistol Advanced
The course is ideal as a continuation of Pistol Basic, or for advanced shooters who have already taken some courses. The content is dynamic and tactical shooting, acquiring advanced shooting habits and skills with practical verification during shooting. It includes shooting while walking, from different shooting positions, while retreating, shooting from cover and much more. 2000 Kč
Assault rifle Basic
Basic Assault Rifle (Long Gun) course, for beginners, new gun license holders, new owners of a new Assault Rifle (Long Gun) or anyone who wants to review, master the basics or try a new gun. 2000 Kč
Assault rifle Advanced
Advanced Assault Rifle Course, this course is ideal for graduates of the Basic Assault Rifle course or shooters who already have some shooting experience. The content of the course is dynamic shooting, the acquisition of advanced shooting habits and skills with practical verification during shooting. It includes shooting while walking, from different shooting positions, while retreating, shooting from cover and much more. 2000 Kč
Tactical courses
Combat Expert – rifle, handgun
The course is suitable for graduates of at least the Basic Pistol and Rifle Basic courses (ideally also Advanced level) or for advanced shooters. Advanced knowledge of fire control with both weapons is assumed. The course itself combines the use of short and long firearms and coordination with a focus on practical use. The course teaches advanced shooting techniques that use the advantages of both weapons, distance, ammunition, environmental variations, appropriate choice of weapon for specific situations. 2000 Kč
Night Vision The course is focused on the use of means for shooting in reduced or zero visibility. Introduction of basic features for shooting in reduced or zero visibility, introduction of basic means for lighting the space or target during shooting, advantages and disadvantages of shooting in reduced visibility, light on the weapon, light outside the weapon. 1700 Kč
Realistic gun defense using FX Simunition
The course is suitable for shooters who have at least basic shooting skills (safe handling, drawing, grips - at least at the Pistole Basic course level). The course includes both shooting techniques using a live firearm, as well as techniques with a practice weapon and FX practice ammunition. The course will answer your questions about whether and when to have a cartridge in the chamber, whether you are able to defend yourself against a firearm in the last resort and under what conditions this is still possible, whether you are able to distinguish and evaluate the target correctly and eliminate it. Last but not least, you will check whether you are able to use the weapon against another person in case of necessary defense or extreme emergency. 2800 Kč
Firearms licenses
Příprava na ZP Individuální příprava na zkoušku odborné způsobilosti 1500 Kč
Zkouška nanečisto Pojďte si to k nám zkusit zkoušku odborné způsobilosti nanečisto. 700 Kč
Providing first aid in a crisis situation The course is focused on providing first aid in emergency situations using improvised and medical equipment for use in crisis situations. 1800 Kč
Novice sniper The course is suitable for young shooters from the age of ten, it includes basic work with a long gun with an optical sight. Basics of long-range precision shooting. Cooperation in sniper-observer pairs. Shooting record keeping. Basic shooter and weapon camouflage. An introductory treatise on ballistics. Shooting is from small bore rifles caliber .22 LR. The course guides a young shooter from holding a gun to hitting a target accurately at a distance of 50 m. 1200 Kč
Weapon maintenance
A course that is devoted in detail to the complete disassembly and cleaning of specific types of weapons, the selection of suitable cleaning agents as well as tips and tricks on how to clean, when to clean and what to watch out for. 700 Kč