CS Solutions Brno

CS Solutions Group opened a modern indoor shooting range in Brno in 2021. It has been providing complex security services since 2009, manages the CS Patriot e-shop with weapons and ammunition, tactical accessories and clothing, and previously operated a shooting range in Prostějov, which has been transferred to a new owner since 2021. The shooting range in Brno consists of two separate shooting ranges and a laser range.

Shooting range A (mobile target and tactical) is 50 meters long, 6 meters wide, and four people can shoot simultaneously from palposts. This is the only such long shooting range in Brno. Shooting range B (mobile target and tactical) is 25 meters long, 6 meters wide, and it is also possible to shoot from four separate palposts.

On both shooting ranges, it is possible to shoot freely from the area, the number of shooters is limited to six people on each. For specific training purposes, the two shooting ranges can be connected into one unit - they are separated by an escape door. At both ranges you can shoot from different positions, lighting conditions, at different target systems. Allowed calibers - up to .308 WIN.

You can also use our separate laser shooting range, which offers a number of situations, games and simulations and is good both for preparation for sharp shooting - and also as entertainment for, for example, younger years.

The shooting range includes the Patriot Shop, a meeting room and a training room - both are suitable for courses, lectures, training and organizing events or team building.

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