Custom events

Corporate events and team building

Are you wondering how to bond the team and experience something unique? You can do team building or other corporate events with us. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will try different weapons from pistols to shotguns to assault rifles. We will prepare a tailor-made entertainment program for your team exactly according to your ideas. We also provide catering for larger events. And if someone has respect for weapons and does not want to shoot so-called "sharps", they can try the laser shooting range, where shooting takes place with an imitation of a pistol and shoots at a screen on which it is possible to set various game programs and situations.

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Important information for us is: How many of you will be at the event? Do you also want catering? Are you only interested in shooting or another program? Based on these indicators, we will be happy to prepare several price offers for you.

Tailor-made course for groups and companies

Do you like one of our courses and would like to take it in a close group of people with your friends, club members or colleagues? Not a problem. You can order all the courses listed by us individually and we can adjust their content to your requirements.

It is not a problem to combine two courses together. For example, the combination of first aid and shooting is very popular. As for the course for companies, we will focus on, for example, how to defend against an active shooter in the workplace.

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Bachelor Party

How to start the day of the bachelor party when you don't have alcohol in your blood yet? Goodbye straight to the head and with a real experience - shooting. There are several options - experience packages are popular, information about which can be found HERE. You can then buy them directly on our e-shop. Thanks to them, you can even imagine how much such shooting costs. There is no need for everyone in the group to have their own voucher, you can also divide them between you.

If you want something special - and you know that the groom/bride dares to do it, it is not a problem to do a more action shoot, show the shooting in motion and conduct the farewell as a mini-course. In this case, contact us at, where we will fine-tune the details.

Birthday celebration and experience shooting

A proper celebration requires a proper experience. If you want to give it to someone as a gift, we recommend choosing from our packages here, which you can conveniently purchase directly from the e-shop. If you want to celebrate in style and you know there will be more of you, no problem! We offer spaces where you can all meet, we will provide catering and party games. In the meantime, a laser shooting range will be available to you, and you can take turns at the classic shooting range during the event depending on how much you want to shoot. Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Modern Sniper Rifles, WWII Weapons. You will find all this with us and everything is available to you. However, whoever is shooting is not allowed to drink alcohol during the event. :) Are you interested in a proper celebration? Write to

Photo from our events